Sunday, 5 August 2007

Nasa's Phoenix Mission to Mars

The aeroshell which contains the phoenix lander is visible in this close-up view of the spacecraft entering the martian atmosphere.

NASA's Phoenix Mars Mission blasted off Saturday, aiming for a May 25, 2008, arrival at the Red Planet and a close-up examination of the surface of the northern polar region.

Perched atop a Delta II rocket, the spacecraft left Cape Canaveral Air Force Base at 5:26 a.m. Eastern Time into the predawn sky above Florida's Atlantic coast.

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Anonymous said...

I see that you have added more colour to your blogs...
A month long break for me and you have been very busy indeed :)
hope you are doing fine Q.
take care.
[fyi, I chose my present pen name based on the sojourner rover... I followed that path finder mission through every means I had at my disposal... i must say, the zest has died a little... :(]


Hi Sojourner,
interests grow and then fade & wane
the zest depends on whether we can make a livelihood from them, or if our other activities allow us time to indulge our special interest...
Whether it be painting, writing, photography, physics or deep Space.